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New Finnish goods now in stock!

We've now received the first few loads of Finnish whitewood from one of our new suppliers, Kinnaskoski. Initial loads are predominantly...

New Year, New Stocklist

Happy New Year! We have another boat due from Onega this weekend and the stocklist has been updated accordingly. Take a look here:...

Stock available!

We have a small amount of stock available at our store in Hartlepool, and a few loads due to Teesport which are currently unsold - check...

Pre-sold goods - stocklist update

In case you were wondering where our stocklists have been recently it's quite simple; our sheds are empty. Each vessel that arrives is...

Redwood / Whitewood balances in stock

We still have a few small balances in both red and whitewood in stock in Hartlepool. See Products | Trans Timber Agency Ltd for details!

Out with the old, in with the new

The November shipment was cleared within a couple of weeks - thanks! No need to despair, the next vessel is due on the 10th and should be...

Shipment being discharged now

Our latest shipment from Onega is currently being discharged in Hartlepool and should be available for deliveries this time next week.

Redwood / Whitewood available

There are some small balances available from our pending shipment from Onega which is due to arrive at Hartlepool next week. Check out...

Onega shipment due

The next redwood / whitewood cargo from Onega is due in Hartlepool on 30/31 October. Goods therefore should be available w/c 9/11/20...

Latest shipment arrives 3/9/20

Our latest shipment from Russia will start to discharge in Hartlepool on 3/9/20. The vast majority is pre-sold, but there are still some...

3 loads to clear

We have 3 more loads at Teesport which need to be sold: SF Russian KD Redwood FSC certified 1 mixed load 25 x 150 / 175 / 225 (50% of...


We've now embraced twitter. You can follow us @TransTimber

New Onega shipment

Our latest shipment from Onega sawmill has just arrived in Hartlepool. Goods are now customs cleared and available for delivery. Updated...

Hull shipment almost all cleared

There's just 34m3 left in Hull now - and it's all 47 x 125 5ths redwood. For full length spec, give us a call or send us an email.

Two new shipments

We've had 2 vessels arrive from Onega over the Christmas period: The first was a cargo to our regular berth at Hartlepool - details on...

New Onega shipment now arrived

Our latest shipment from Onega sawmill has just cleared customs in Hartlepool. Please view our products page for an up to date stocklist.

New stocklists

New stocklists for both Warrenpoint and Hartlepool stocks have just been uploaded to the products page!

Onega shipment to Warrenpoint

Our next boat load of whitewood from Onega sawmill is due at Warrenpoint this weekend. Please check the 'products' page for stock and...

22mm SF Whitewood to clear

We have 2 loads of 22mm SF Whitewood to clear:- LOAD 1: 22 x 100   2/5.7, 6/4.5, 3/4.2 LOAD 2: 22 x 150   4/4.5, 1/4.2 22 x 100   4/4.5,...

New Year, New Stock!!

Happy New Year! We've had more shipments over the last few weeks which means we now have vast stocks of both redwood and whitewood at...

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