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New shipment to Hartlepool

Our next vessel from Onega is due next week and has the following available unsold:-

SF (ABC) Russian KD Redwood, FSC certified

75 x 225   45m3

47 x 150   330

47 x 125   345

38 x 150   298

38 x 125   160

5ths (D) Russian KD Redwood, FSC certified

47 x 150   41m3

47 x 100   16

25 x 150   21

25 x 125   49

SF (ABC) Russian KD Whitewood, FSC certified

44 x 125   179m3

38 x 150   180

38 x 125   180

5ths (D) Russian KD Whitewood, FSC certified

47 x 150   59m3

47 x 125   22

22 x 150   101

22 x 100   120

Total: 2,145m3

Length specs are available now.

Goods should be available for the 1st week of December.

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