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What We Sell

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Russian Timber

We carry vast stocks of Russian redwood and whitewood from a number of different sawmills, predominantly based in the Archangel & Vologda regions of the country.

To see and download our current Hartlepool stocklist, please click here

We now offer Glued Structural Beams (Glulams) which are produced to very high standards.

The plant produces around 52,000m3 per year in more than 40 sections and can manufacture high strength beams in lengths up to 13.5 meters long. Possible widths produced are 60/80/100/120/140/160/180/200mm whilst heights (a sum of the individual planks) begin at 80mm and continue from 120mm up to 520 mm in 40 mm increments. The production technology is carried out in accordance with the European certificate EN 14080: 2013, EN 14081 and strength standards GL24h, GL28h. In the production of glued beams only legally harvested, high-quality, environmentally friendly wood is used. The entire production chain of wood supply “from the supplier to the consumer” is certified according to the FSC standard. Goods are packaged in a waterproof polyethylene film with UV protection, the package is wrapped on 6 sides, ensuring complete protection of the product. Shipment from the factory is carried out by road and rail container.

Loading capacity: 40-45'containers, abt 44 m3.

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